Company Formation Services

At Bulls Capital, we have an experienced team of experts, specialized in advising our clients on the right kind of business setup to put in place considering the need. We have a designed specific services that help business owners start a business in a cost effective manner in their desired locations. Bulls Capital is a Nigerian business advisory firm that provides expert guidance on different business issues. We also help our clients on setting up new business/ventures across Nigeria. Our priority is to provide solutions to our clients who are exploring new business opportunities, understanding legal procedures, networking with local authorities and a suitable business model to set up their business in any part of the world.

When you are venturing into a new location to establish your business or expanding your business, it is important to take local guidance for the success of the venture. A plethora of information is available for any country especially for a business environment, but to understand the nuances of the business culture; the local government, policies matter a lot while investing your money in a foreign land. Business Setup Worldwide solves this exact challenge in the country of your preference. We are specialized in this domain and provide turnkey solutions for setting up a business entity. We have years of experience in providing integrated business setup services across the world.

Type of Business we Register

We can help you to set up the following businesses:

  • Private Limited Companies
    Professional Firms
  • Branch Offices
  • Representative Offices
  • Public Shareholding Companies
  • Geography Specific Advantages

Our business set up services include company formation and registration services, taxation, accounting & bookkeeping, audit and assurance, legal (Includes Intellectual property law) and branding consultation, legal compliances, and registration with authorities and other required formalities

To register your business in Nigeria, you need to know the following

Legal Procedures and Documentation for Setting up a Business

Our team of experts takes care of every minute detail along with accuracy and completeness of your legal and company formation documents. Our service covers the following:

  • Determining legal form and the economic activity of your business
  • Obtaining Trade License by Submitting Company’s Documents to CAC
  • Submitting Application for Company Registration to CAC with Suggested Company Name
  • Notarizing the Company’s Memorandum of Association
  • Getting every necessary documents from the CAC
  • Registering Trade Name
  • Applying for an Establishment Card
  • Obtaining Initial and Special Approvals
  • Signing MOA and Lease Agreement in front of Public Notary
  • Obtaining Location and Inspection Approval from Municipality
  • Documents Processing to Get Payment Voucher Issued
  • Paying License Fees to Get Trade License Issued
  • Fulfilling all Licensing Requirements
  • Getting Approval from Name Board and from Ministry of Labor for Employees
  • Finding a local sponsor (if required)
  • Company Formation Documents
  • Certified Copy of Tenancy Contract
  • Approval Document from Legal Affairs Department
  • Approval Documents from Ministry of Economy and Other Government Entities, if Required
  • License Form
  • Sign Board
  • Partnership Contract Certificate from the Notary Public
  • Trade Name Certificate
  • Business valuation
  • Business plan development
  • Determination of resources needed
  • Enterprise management
  • Tax policy
  • Tax rates
  • Tax incentives
  • Tax exemptions
  • Merger
  • Joining
  • Separation
  • Selection
  • Conversion

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More likely to devise novel products and processes 92%
Greater employee productivity 52%
Better response to customer needs 53%

Continuous Learning Improvement Partnerships

At Cosine, we seek to partner with you to develop continuous learning solutions that help change behaviors, enhance the effectiveness of your sales organization, and drive long-term focus on a methodology of continuous improvement. Our continuous learning model is based on over 30 years of experience working with some of the world’s largest sales teams and most successful sales organization. We believe that a strong continuous learning model starts with having the right mindset, culture, and true understanding of your needs and learning environment. We pay close attention to all phases of learning –– before, during, and after –– and constantly plan and identify opportunities to reinforce, develop, and apply knowledge to help your learners take their skills to the next level and help you to achieve the highest returns on investment. The three pillars of our continuous learning model include:

Partner Mindset

  • We seek to think and behave like the head of sales so that we can help you increase revenue both in the short term and the long term. We understand that you don’t have the luxury of only focusing on tomorrow nor of exclusively focusing on today. You are engaged in a long-term plan to continuously improve the performance of your sales organizations, and we seek to be part of that team.
  • We consider it our duty to challenge your thinking, when necessary, to push you to focus on continuous improvements rather than one-time events.
  • We remain flexible and nimble in our thinking so that we can meet you where you are and offer solutions that grow and change with you.

Best Practices Contribution

  • Our reach and depth across industries affords us a unique perspective in not only providing the best practices in salesforce development, but also recognizing the biggest roadblocks to achieving long-term, sustained improvement. Our subject matter experts and world-class facilitators bring this unique perspective to bear in the services that we provide and the conversations in which we engage.
  • To achieve optimum performance, your sales and learning teams must be connected and in sync. We bring deep expertise in both sales and learning –– and more importantly, in how to connect sales and learning in a sustained, performance-driven effort.
  • We bring a unique perspective in how best to deliver training solutions that drive a spirit of ongoing development and learning that never ends.

Actionable Front-line Intelligence and Insight

  • Knowing what is working and what is not working in the field drives continuous improvement. Through our work in the field with your sales organization, we gain a thorough understanding of what is happening on the front lines.  Our facilitators, who are professional sales managers and coaches, connect with each sales rep, often for days at a time. They coach sales reps in real time on real deals. By funneling this vast store of intelligence back to you and your executive teams, we give you binoculars to see an accurate picture of the field. We let you know what’s really happening, well beyond what skills your people have or need, and include what might be getting in their way. This enables sales and learning leaders like yourself to make better decisions based on actual circumstances about the next important improvements to make so that you can achieve the highest returns on investment.
  • Supplementing our qualitative insights, we provide substantive quantitative data and analytics through our assessment and measurement tools and services. Our Client Analytics team will partner with you to tell the story of your sales organizations’ skill level, adoption, engagement, and performance. The purpose is not only to gauge the impact of the learning intervention but also to allow leaders to supplement and enhance the overall intervention, where needed. Combined with our qualitative insights from our experts in the field, this data will provide you with a real-time look at the state of their most powerful asset –– the sales team –– and guide them in making informed decisions to drive short and long-term performance improvement.