Finance for non-finance executive course equips you with understanding finance and accounting and ability to analyze financial statements.

Critical Issues In Internal Control System that management need to know:

  • IFRS standard compliance
  • Management of Cash
  • Computer Systems and Human Resources
  • Budget and Budgetary control

Bulls Capital Internal Controls: Financial, Management and Operations Course introduces such participants to the rudiments of the world of Organization.

This course will lay emphasis on how and why internal controls is needed to be developed and examined in relation to finance, management and operations in an organization. This course is designed for those who have been involved in their entity’s audit process and want to broaden their professional technical skills

  • Gaining understanding on how the internal system should be controlled
  • Achievement of organization Financial and operational objectives
  • Transactions coding consistent with budget

This training will help participants in learning the technical-knowhow of:

  • How to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of Operations in their entity
  • How to complied with applicable laws and regulations in relation to internal control
  • How to ensure achievement of organization Financial and operational objectives and so on


This training is designed for Auditors, Senior managers and anyone involves in internal control in an organization.

The training is prepared in such a way that, every participant will be able to assimilate what is been lectured and at the end of the training, a copy of the training materials shall be given to all participants.

Day One

 Financial Controls

Preparation of Financial Statements in conformance with IFRS standard

Effective controlling of cash receipts and expenditure records

Transactions coding consistent with budget

Budget: Spending plans and budget revisions approvals and recording

Management of Cash



Day Two

Operational Controls and Management Controls

Equipment and Inventory

Computer Systems

Standard Operation Procedures and Legal activities

Human Resources

Audit: Effectiveness of audit, Unannounced audits and timely & adequacy of audit.