Accounting for Inventory course equips you with understanding inventory sales and purchase and ability to analyze financial statements.

Critical Issues In Accounting for Inventory business owner need to know:

  • Difference between Sales & Purchase
  • System of Accounting Inventory
  • Recording of Sales and Purchases.
  • Adjustments to Inventory
  • Understanding figures, analyzing and Interpreting inventory information
  • Demand and Supply

Bulls Capital Accounting for Inventory Course comprehensively introduces such participants to the phase accounting that is related to recording and valuing transformation in Inventory Assets.

This course lay emphasis on the phase of accounting that is related to recording and valuing transformation in Inventory Assets. Changes in Inventory can be due to so many reasons like depreciation, change in demand and supply, wastage of time etc.

  • Gaining understanding, interpretation of inventory information
  • Sales and Purchase invoice preparation
  • Understanding Freight in merchandise purchase

The objectives of this training is to expose participants to various ways in which inventory can be accounted for, valued and recorded.

This training is designed for Accountants, Procurement officers, Senior managers, Store keepers and it is also in advantage to business owners. This will help them know how to account for their inventory.

The training is prepared in such a way that, every participant will be able to assimilate what is been lectured and at the end of the training, a copy of the training materials shall be given to all participants.

Participants shall be awarded a certificate of participation from Bulls Capital in Nigeria.

Day One

Inventory Accounting

Statement of financial position of merchandize organizations

Statement of financial position of Service organizations.

Recording of sales

Sales allowance

Sales invoice

Sales returns

Sales revenue


Day Two

Recording of Purchases

Free-On-Board shipping point

Freight in merchandise purchase

Free-On-Board Destination

 Systems of accounting for inventory

Periodic System

Perpetual System

Financial Statement with inventory

Adjustments to Inventory