Corporate finance services

Decisive advice to improve performance

Bulls Capital advises investors on capital optimization strategies. Our offering includes  Mergers & Acquisition advisory, debt advisory, transaction services, valuations, merger and integration services offerings.

Full range of Corporate Finance Services

Our team members support our clients with

Valuation-Assets & Equity

Transaction Advisory

M&A advisory

Debt advisory

Financial reporting

M&A transactions

Strategic planning and shareholder value optimization

Tax planning and compliance

Restructuring or bankruptcy

Litigation and dispute resolution

Investment portfolio

Project Finance & Public Private Partnerships



Valuation services

Our team advises on all aspects of valuing companies, income or cash generating assets (fixed assets), quoted and unquoted financial instruments, intellectual property and intangible assets locally and internationally. Our team work across industrial groups and stages of our clients business.

Our valuation specialists are part of a global network of practitioners with access to experience and market information around the world and offer advice to both public and private companies.

Valuations of unlisted companies, businesses, shareholdings, goodwill, know-how, brands and other intangible assets

Valuations for regulatory purposes

Independent Expert Valuation opinion – evidence and reports

Fairness opinions

Purchase Price Allocation for IFRS,

Impairment review of assets for IFRS,

Complex valuations including highly-leveraged businesses and international projects

Investment decision analysis

Maximising tax benefits for individuals and organisations.

Merger, an acquisition or re-structuring the organisation

Intangible assets, e.g. brands, goodwill, intellectual property, for tax purposes

Financial reporting requirements e.g. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Transfer assets within the organisation and need to understand the price at which its being transferred

Dispute and need to negotiate with Tax Authorities to maximise tax benefits




Transaction Services (TS)


We provide our clients with informed information to assist them in decision-making. Due diligence (financial, commercial, operational due diligence falls in here. The key issues, risks associated with the transansaction

Details of Service

Acquisition (Buy Side Services) due diligence: We carry out due diligence on a target for acquisition, detailing potential value, risks.

Vendor Due Diligence: Offering Sellers the elbow to be in control of the sale process of the businesses. Prepare them, advising them on issues a potential buyer will have used to under-price their businesses and offering them potential ranges of values ensuring that they get the best deals.

We also have our clients with Commercial Due Diligence. This provides our clients with the market positioning of the target company within their industry.

Our clients also enjoy Operational Due Diligence. This provides our clients with the aptness of the operations of the target where a Merger and Acquisition deal is being worked.

Mergers & Acquisitions advisory

We offer assistance in:

Acquisitions of companies and businesses

Strategy Integration


Sale of companies or businesses: mandated sales/controlled auctions

Raising finance (equity and debt) for acquisitions

Distressed M&A: buying or selling companies in financial distress

Private equity advisory

Management Buy-Out (MBO)

Management Buy-In (MBI)

Our recommendation support our clients in achieving the unique growth strategy.


Debt advisory/Insolvency & Corporate Reengineering

We provide advice on debt financing, insolvency and corporate reengineering.

Service details:

Review of current debts with a view to recommending alternatives or debt costs reduction or cost of financing

Asset, operations and capital restructuring

Debt workouts, restructuring, rescheduling & assistance in negotiation

Turnaround Strategies, planning and implementation

Business Diagnostics: operational, financial and capital structuring

Preparation of Information Memoranda to sell the debt-ridden business to  potential lenders, private equity funds providers to make them attractive for further lending, discussions.

Guidance on Government Schemes, grants assessment

Development of various financing models, credit appraisal, tax positioning

Review of Lending Proposal, assistance during negotiation.

Assessment of personal guaranties required by banks


Project Finance & Public Private Partnerships

We advise on complex transactions that require project financing, public-private partnerships. We assist with raising funding for infrastructure projects, procuring private sector operators to partner with government to fund need infrastructures of road, housing, schools, hospitals, railways and grow communinities.

Our Services include:

To accelerate the delivery of public sector and infrastructure services

Transaction advisory on private-public partnerships(PPP’s

Funding of infrastructure projects

Advisory on procurements, competitive bidding

To achieve competitive value for money procurements

Arrangement of  competitive financing and financing structures

Management of  tax and accounting aspects of procurements

Scoping and developing the project and the implementation of the procurement process

Structuring the deal and arranging finance for the private sector

Negotiating through to financial close

Assisting partnership management post contract award

Post-transaction services

Project Finance – long-term funding for infrastructure development

Public sector policy and strategy advice

Corporate financing services and debt advice

Regional development and grants advice

Outsourcing advice


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