Our Corporate Reorganization have been in the forefront to supporting organizations achieve financial stability, enjoy improved cashflows by reviewing cause of the problem and evaluate option available to navigate the crises.

We support corporate bodies to re-organize eithers its organizational structure for efficiency or its financial structure which can include assets disposal, unit sales, refinancing debts, opting for voluntary liquidation or filing for bankruptcy. In performing a reorganization, managers may be made to report to new bosses or more resources moved to some other units or the entire business structure is affected with the business strategy, Company SWOT being at the forefront

Businesses always fetch and look for beautiful and creative ways to improve their financial efficiencies, also they want originality, certainty and a permanent cost solution in due course. Corporate simplification is seen to be very technical in nature and generally, it must be handled well with statutory procedures as they are often neglected as a part of the mounting’s to-do list. This will lead to the associated ongoing costs of a dormant business nestled within the structure soon stacking up. Recognizing that you just have the everyday needs of the business to tend to and through years of experience in managing work of this nature.

In its most simple form, corporate simplification is that the removal of one company from a bunch structure. It could also form a part of a wider restructuring to cut back costs and improve profitability by eliminating tiers from a company structure. Equally, it should also result in a series of corporate transactions designed to release capital and improve corporate governance. Making things easier is what corporate structure is about as it is a practical measure that will help accelerate your business in an uncertain world.

Adopting the mindset to streamline now, provides the chance to scale back costs and reap future accruing benefits the way your group is structured can have an enormous impact on your business’s performance. Several business entities may land in expensive processes, duplication, additional compliance issues, and may be forced to expose your business to risk. It also can mean you finish up spending excessive time or money on managing everything. Make your corporate structure very simple as a major way to help you let go of time and money, reducing risk to its lowest possible, and place your company up for development.



Taking too many companies into your group structure are often expensive, and also the changing financial reporting and regulatory landscape can result in additional compliance work. The worth might also be trapped deep within the company structure, restricting restructuring options and potentially resulting in dividend blocks. This matter is increasingly leading companies to make their group structures very simple. The building of your corporate structure may have a diminishing impact on the general business performance over time. Very many businesses may be left to avoidable costs, processes, and compliance burdens, duplication of activities and expose your business and directors to risk. Ultimately, you may find yourself spending excessive time or money just to keep up the established order. Make your corporate structure well explained and understandable as this will assist in freeing those stuck resources, it will further reduce corporate and environmental risk, it will also promote healthy governance, and supply a solid platform for growth and transformation.

Outdated, inactive, or otherwise poorly accomplishment parts of a business can have an immensely negative impact on a company’s overall profitability. Outdated group structures affect every kind of company but are most typically seen in long established companies or those which have acquired or merged with other businesses over time. Even in smaller companies, once successful areas can quickly become non-performing thanks to changing or challenging market conditions which might have a rapidly negative impact on your bottom line. Strategically closing or eliminating these elements of an organization can help to not only cut costs but also to stiffen corporate governance and limit areas of non-compliance?

Refining compliance and your main business

Corporate simplification typically involves eliminating one or more companies from a bigger group or removing layers from a fancy corporate structure. On a financial level, this will release tied-up capital and permit for future funds to be diverted towards improving and enhancing more profitable areas of the business. Huge benefits may be seen with reference to risk management.

Poorly organised businesses are often an enormous drain not only on company finances but also company resources thanks to the burden of ongoing administrative duties, like tax returns and audits, which must be completed irrespective of whether the corporate is actively trading or not. Areas that aren’t trading naturally have less attention directed towards them making their weak spots for non-compliance particularly in an environment of ever-changing regulation. Being consulted to conduct a company reengineering project will offer the company the same amount of change, removing unnecessary and unwanted parts of the company and creating a focus and more efficient structure going forward for better profitability. A group can save significant cumulative annual compliance costs which only otherwise serve to soak up management resources. The price of a simplification project will be offset by these savings in as little as a year. Corporate group structures are simplified by dissolving companies that are not any longer needed. These will arise with deskbound companies where the distinctive resolution has been achieved and are not any longer required, or uneconomic or underperforming subsidiaries.

This can be achieved by using the solvent liquidation process referred to as a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL). Companies liquid by cash are always with unsure liabilities which will be closed using the Members’ Voluntary Liquidation process. Many groups have entities within their corporate structure that aren’t any longer required, for instance, dormant companies or duplicate companies performing an identical function. Taking way excess business parts that are under performing can release trapped capital, it can also diminish recurring costs that initially cannot be shed off like audit, accounting, and tax compliance, and reduce wasted management time.

A transparent structure is attractive to potential buyers and investors should be looking to streamline their investee groups, either pre or post-transaction, to reinforce the value and to manage business risk. Changing tax legislation is a way to bring about liquidations for MSME businesses whose owners want to get the advantage of tax forecasting options like Entrepreneurs. Similarly, the most important businesses are looking to simplify their group structure to boost transparency, good corporate governance, and reply to legislative and regulatory changes like the bottom Erosion and portion action plan. Whatever the scale of business, whether owner-managed or listed, national or international, Moore can provide commercial advice focused on achieving the foremost efficient, cost-effective, and risk-free outcome. Appraisal, reorganize and streamline – keeping your global business in shape

Every corporate business structures can come to be cumbersome and unproductive over time. We all know a way to build more resourceful and proficient operating structures to improve operational transparency and most significantly help reduce costs of operation. It would be reducing costs and governance burdens that are unnecessary or cumbersome, or aligning assets and resources so they’re readily available. We plan, implement and complete corporate reorganizations of any size. The value and operation of corporate governance can be reorganized to reflect direct and indirect taxes, accounting, payroll, workers benefits, and amalgamation of service suppliers to urge economies of scale.

Major drivers and benefits connected with corporate reorganization consist of:

  • Bring cost down to the lowest level is the first advantage of this corporate simplification this include the context of account preparation and presentation, tax remittance at all level, annual statutory company compliance.
  • Inefficiency, KPI’s are lagging behind tarhets, processes are closed, too many non-essential work.
  • When there is a merger or new acquisition
  • A key employee has exited a position or preparation is being made for succession
  • Market dynamics have changed compelling new products, new market to capture
  • The needs of your customer base have changed.
  • Customer needs have changed and the organization needs to respond.
  • Organization have grown or needs to downsize
  • Span of control have become unwieldly with Superiors have too many subordinates for control
  • This ensures the business and it workers enjoy the benefit of a simple group structure, which will include policy formation speed and business unit management.
  • Contingent risk profile will be better managed when company group restructuring is done because managing the corporate group as regards potential legacy issues will be easy and smooth.
  • Business integration are optimized when great and thoughtful merger or acquisition has been done.
  • Company balance sheets and other books of account too will be broken down and simplified putting in check intercompany loan arrangements.
  • Some reasonable amount of money will be saved from tax angle because every part of the business that is going down won’t be paying tax like business premises, PAYE for staffs etc.
  • Getting ready for the “carve out” of a corporate or the taking away of a business division.


We develop and deliver a positive change program that’s unique to your business, helping you uncover the most important opportunity you didn’t know you had. Through our extensive global network, we offer high-quality tailored services built on extensive local knowledge freeing you to get your business in shape. Our team is solely focused on the execution of solvent reorganizations, solvent liquidations, capital reductions and strike offs. Our all-embracing experience of assisting clients with global simplification projects enables us to deliver solutions to all types of cross-border assignments.


How we have been able to help clients with advisory that delivers value

  • Simplifying your organisation is easier and fewer complex than you’re thinking that.
  • We work with organisations to place them on the front foot.
  • We help sell the simplified vision to leadership, design an idea for simplification which will drive renovation throughout their business and avoid expensive mistakes by closing rigorous diligence.


We can implement a program that will deliver results and help you achieve meaningful, valuable change in the following ways:

  • Increase value
  • Protect from risk
  • Deliver transformation
  • Increase transparency
  • Innovate with technology

Solvent Shutting down

Implementing a speedy wind-down or acting as liquidator. If a corporation isn’t any longer required by shareholders or the company, it’s going to get in liquidation. Our team assists the least bit stages of the solvent wind-down process. We represent and make brilliant decisions during liquidation or insolvent situations, initiating and finalizing liquidations in a very timely and appropriate manner, and managing the entire process from start to end during to removal from the commercial register. Qeeva Advisory can help maximize the advantages achieved through this process by ensuring an efficient process that avoids ongoing running costs.


Growth value

Simplifying your organization can save cash by running your corporate structures more efficiently. But there are other ways values are often measured too. For instance, a more streamlined corporate structure can make governance and compliance simpler, and in turn unlock management time which will be used more productively elsewhere. But the foremost valuable thing about corporate simplification is that it unlocks the potential for your business to rework, by removing barriers to growth. Setting you up for a smoother path towards growth that you simply can scale.


Lawful entity justification

As a way to reduce and minimize costs, corporate simplification must be done. The legal entity structure. Apart from creating the legal entity chart easier to read, or perhaps possible to print, why would companies attempt to simplify their legal entity structure? For many companies, the solution comes all the way down to cost savings or risk reduction related, for instance, to changes within the tax environment or transfer pricing, or some combination of both.


How we achieve desired result always

We have the professionals with vast years of knowledge wealth from virtually all aspect of the industry, the resources and the technology to manage your corporate simplification process from start to finish.

  • Best professionals and expert deployment
  • Assured Value added result
  • Innovative and technology driven


Best of experts on the job

  • We’ve brought together a team of individuals with all the individual expertise and knowledge you would like to assist simplify your group and that we have a worldwide reach meaning we are able to deliver a company simplification programme for you, wherever you’re within the world.
  • Our collective methodology and tactics will help facilitate your intended program for positive change tailored to your business need that will quickly add value and focuses on eliminating entities.
  • Our world wide experience richness and consultancy based expertise means we have widespread experience with businesses in all industry kind and sizes, from single owned businesses to Nigeria Stock Exchange listed public companies


What we can do for you

  • We can simplifying your group structure– organizing and eradicating business units that are not active and functioning or no longer bring in economic values.
  • Help make the most of Capital Returns– we deem it fit and necessary to ensure asset realizations is exploited and capital is returned to shareholders for tax efficiency.
  • Bring about closure management– we support and brace up plans and make effective the operational wind-down and termination of dormant businesses.
  • Options Analysis– we will recommend to our client on better options for taking down both active and inactive companies and can act as the official liquidators where it is really needed.
  • Our Services supports financial liquidity.
  • Insolvency Practice
  • Support in Assets, Subsidiary, Units disposal that are no longer needed.
  • Asset recovery and tracing
  • We identify and recover misappropriated assets, often as part of formal insolvency processes or in support of on-going litigation or fraud investigations.
  • We support assets tracing, litigation support in fraud issues
  • We offer Operational and financial restructuring, carving, divestment.
  • Debt advisory
  • Support Pension Funds and improve solvency
  • Financial monitoring for regulators
  • Balance sheet restructuring
  • Business reorganisations
  • Business restructures
  • Capital reductions
  • Capital reorganisation
  • Refunding
  • Releasing shareholder value
  • Restructuring and Insolvency
  • Separating income streams
  • Shareholder restructuring
  • Strategic growth


What you stand to benefit from our advisory:

  • Cost Savings 
  • Reduced Compliance Burden
  • Increased Transparency
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Operational Efficiencies



What is corporate simplification?

Corporate simplification is the eradication of one or more legal entities from a group structure by striking off or Members’ Voluntary (solvent) Liquidation. Striking off an entity is to apply to have it detached from Register of Companies at Companies House, it then ceases to exist and to own any assets.

Why do it?

The most glaring aspect of cost savings is the directly related costs of company secretarial which involves filing annually with CAC, paying professional company secretary, accounting heads and many overheads, Directors’ payments & Officers’ Insurance and social insurance scheme, and tax for the entities employee called PAYE which will be remitted to SBIR will all be removed. Corporate simplification brings greater focus and transparency to a group structure, which will permit lenders to understand the corporate structure more easily and make it easier to raise debt finance.

How do you do it?

We do this by using these three proven ways:

Identifying entities to be taken off the group and issues which will be requiring urgent attention before doing anything.

Resolving the above issues. Striking off the entities or putting them into Members’ Voluntary (solvent) Liquidation.

The accounting, tax, commercial and other issues need to be considered and resolved before the entity is finally removed from the Register of Companies.

Who are our Corporate Simplification team?

Our Corporate Reorganization team at Bulls Capital Limited are well-established professionals and have conducted advisory role for blue ship companies in Nigeria and beyond. We have consulted for broad of directors of different range of businesses.


The above write-up is general advice based on our consultancy and industry knowledge wealth and should not be taken as a specific action plan rather, our office should be called for proper and specific details. Be it the author of this article or Bulls Capital Limited will accept responsibility for any loss based on the use of these general facts.

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