Strategic Planning Services

Strategic Planning Service Company Lagos

Businesses need to identify direction, set goals, determine priorities, quantify growth, build and strengthen core competencies, and craft initiatives that will measurably move the organization to the next level of performance.

We help our clients to design and facilitate a strategic process that suits your culture, planning experience, and desired outcomes.

Strategic Planning Process

Leaders must learn how to set and implement strategy. The Strategic planning process forces thinking on  people who run the organization on  their business environment, how to position the organization in view of those variables, which products or services to pursue and not to pursue, which markets to serve and not to serve, and which customers to offer and not to offer our products or services to. It enables management to position the organization in order to survive and prosper within a constantly changing environment.

Strategic Planning therefore involves planning for expected and unexpected by implementing a strategic planning and management. The steps involved are:

Develop a Vision

The Vision represents a desired state for the business. It provides the basis for setting goals, mission and managing changes required to meet those goals.

Evaluate & Analyze

Conduct a SWOT analyses, evaluating and analyzing the current strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats and determine what can be done to the vision

Determine and Commit

Determine and Commit

Determining and committing to specific objectives in key areas from Marketing, Sales to Engineering to Human Resources to I.T, Operations etc that measurably move the organization towards your vision.


Understand the Culture

Document the corporate culture, how it can be altered and its importance in achieving the goals.



Preparing strategic action plans and assigning accountability for implementation.

Initiate Updates

Initiate Updates

Initiating annual updates and on-going monitoring processes to make necessary adjustments as conditions change.

Our Strategic Planning Services Include:

Stakeholder Research and Engagement – We hold consultation with stakeholders who will be responsible for birthing the plan vide interviews, surveys and focus groups to get their buy-in to the strategic plan and document them as a report.

Executive Engagement – Top management engagement to keep them informed and aligned and prioritized for them to key in.

Visioning & Future-Casting – We help organization to derive their vision statement, create a compelling future that they want to pursue through our visioning and future-casting sessions.

Strategic Planning Facilitation – We facilitate Retreats in a way that everyone has a voice, but no one person over-dominates. Our meetings stay on track and produce real outcomes!

Strategic Plan Drafting – After all of the input has been gathered, it’s time to draft the plan. We summarize the stakeholder input and meeting output so you can have a solid first-draft of your strategic plan. Often this includes a broad plan and an executive summary.

Momentum Meetings – We conduct quarterly Momentum Meetings so you can ensure that the plan is being executed.

Retreat Facilitation

We facilitate Strategy sessions with proven methodology, practical tools, case studies, hands-on drills, break-out sessions and produce reports.

Market Assessments, Competitive, & Industry Analyses

Identify where the greatest opportunities for growth exist with customized research to gain strategic insights into current and emerging players in your market, industry trends, and market shifts.

Organization Benchmarking

We support our clients with finding benchmarks for their organizations performance. This assist in the design and implementation of their strategic plan.

Employee Insights

Engage your organization in the strategic planning process. We’ll develop a targeted survey to gather insight from board members, managers, and staff.

Customer Insights

We will work with you  to  build a targeted, practical approach to gathering your customers’ perspective to know what your customer think, why they think the way the do and know if you are winning or losing them.

Ongoing Strategy Review

We offer to help you review your strategy implementation on a monthly, quarterly basis.

We hope to work with you soon.

To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us or Call/Whatsapp 08023200801


To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us or Call/Whatsapp 08023200801