Small Business Consulting Service

We offer advisory services to small business owners so that they can focus on their core business as we realize that it may be unprofitable for them to be involved in every bit of their operations.

Small Business Consulting Service Lists

Our service offering in this regards include the following:

Tax Services: We provide service, preparation of tax returns, tax computation, PAYE Tax, tax compliance and advise on tax avoidance scheme.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We offer financial record-keeping, submission of invoices, settle bills, prepare payroll, update our clients of tax laws, offer much-need financial advise,navigate the maze of tax laws and provide the financial advice you need to manage and grow your business;ake recommendations on how to lower  taxes, such as whether or not to incorporate or if you should lease or purchase commercial space; provide advice on ways to cut business costs.

Information Technology (IT) Services:

Our advisory also include procurement of new technology, software, computers, Point of sale system, mobile devise, cloud computing, business website and social media management, accounting software, tax software, fixed assets software, computer-back-ups, training on software and system,technology advisory, productivity softwares.

Human Resources

We provide Human Resources Service, maintaining records, performance management embedding, Talent Management, Compensation Studies, Executive Search, Background Checks/Reference Checks, On-boarding & Terminations, Safety, Staff Welfare, Training, Counselling, limiting employers liability ensuring that employees complaints are properly handled, advisory on compliance with state/provincial and federal regulations regarding employees, such as wage laws, hours of work, holiday time, leave of absence, workers’ compensation, mandatory benefits, and reporting; arrange/provide optional benefits such as health, dental, vision, and disability insurance for employees and their families. HR firms often can leverage their relationships with benefits providers to offer affordable employee benefits packages.


Successful is essential to attracting and retaining customers—the number one need for most businesses, especially startups.

Unfortunately, marketing is highly specialized and while many small business owners excel in providing products and/or services to their customers, they often are less proficient with marketing and cannot afford full-time salespeople.

The right marketing consultant for your business should have a high level of expertise in your industry and be able to bring in fresh ideas as well as tried and true advice on how to develop strategies and campaigns.

We work in partnership with a solid team of marketing consultants to bring in fresh ideas on how to develop strategies and campaigns with our clients business goals, products/service, target clients and the competition.

In some instances, we can work with our clients to design and implement individual ​marketing campaigns and provide general advice on promoting their business through activities such as:

  • Social media campaigns (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInetc.)
  • Email blitzes
  • Website and/or blog promotions
  • Radio or newspaper ads
  • Press releases
  • Flyers
  • Seminars
  • Charity event sponsorships
  • Cross-promotion through buddy marketing with other businesses

Legal Services

Our affiliate law firm help us to deliver on  complex legal issues or may involve liability, such as: complex partnership agreements or share allocations; lawsuits involving partners, clients, shareholders, or employees;legal action against your business by government agencies for issues such as licensing, tax disputes, or noncompliance with regulations;real estate purchases or lease agreements;trademark or intellectual property rights issues;, debt recovery, insolvency & corporate reengineering,franchise agreements;selling or merging your business, or purchasing the assets of another business.


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