Commercial credit recovery deals with the payment of an amount on behalf of a debtor or a client (individual or an organization) to a creditor (individual or an organization). A commercial credit recovery service is rendered by a third party credit collection organization that was involved in the original contract that is between the creditor and debtor. This can also be referred to as credit management

It has to do with assessing the credit worthiness of a client, setting an appropriate policy, ensuring that they pay their debts on time, making sure that the credit costs are kept low and late payments are dealt with without damaging the relationship with the creditor.

Paying debts on behalf of a client from different sizes of business can sometimes be a complicated task for the business. Our team at Bulls Capital Limited has experience with various individuals, businesses and corporate organizations to help them satisfy their financial obligations to creditors without damaging the reputation and image of the business

Our Commercial Credit Recovery Services

At Bulls Capital Limited, we help our clients to manage their credits by ensuring that they pay their debts as at when due and also in line with the agreed terms and conditions on the contract. Our policies and procedures will aid our clients in avoiding late payment or not paying the debts at all. We ensure that the financial or liquidity position of our clients are enhanced.

Having a robust attitude to credit control can help an organization to increase its profitability, aid the cash flow of the organization and also reduce the interest that is charged and the borrowings. Our key speciality is to help reduce the amount of bad debts in your business.




At Bulls Capital Limited, our commercial credit recovery services includes the following

  • Outsourcing credit management
  • Preventive reminders
  • Amicable collection of unpaid invoices
  • Implementation of credit management software
  • Segmentation of customers according to their payment history and other factors
  • Deploying the right communication channels
  • Recording all the customer engagements



The following systems should be deployed in order to make the relevant payment as at when due

  • Account payment tracking

The account payment tracking will be used in order to provide proper financial details on your customers and the suppliers.

  • Invoice processing system

This will be a manual process which may also be triggered automatically. Take for example in a situation where you have implemented an invoice processing system, there may be automatic reminders that may be received on past due invoices

  • Accounting recording

The accounting recording process will enable you to be informed about all your payables and receivables. This will provide adequate information on your cash flow and how well you can manage your risks effectively and efficiently

  • Credit Risk Acceptance criteria

The credit risk acceptance criteria may be automated or manual while the risk and rating will relevant to the business

  • The customer and supplier relationship management system

This system will provide different details on the sales agreements, contracts, transactions, payment habits and dealings with the customers and suppliers. This system will also ensure that complaints are processed and this will also be used to capture all relevant information on both parties


  • Automating receivables management

By automating the credit management of your organization, all previously mentioned systems can be interlinked. This leads to a more efficient work flow and to greater insight as it allows for easily generating cash flow and customer reports.

  • Usage of technology to automate creditor management

The modern age technology can be used to assess more information in order to make the right decisions at the right time. This will allow the organization to increase the percentage that will be paid on the date that is due




Our process at Bulls Capital Limited involves the following

  1. Determining the customer’s credit rating in advance

We aid in determining the customer’s credit rating in advance which will in turn aid and the help the business organization to improve when settling their debts

  1. Regular scanning and monitoring the client’s account position for credit risks

The next procedure to take after determining the customer’s credit rating is to scan and monitor the client’s account position regularly in order to be informed and prepared for any risks whatsoever

  1. Maintaining responsive customer relations

The next step is to maintain a responsive customer relations of our clients. This will ensure that any complaint will be received as at when due

  1. Having an alarm system or a software to detect late payment in advance

Having an alarm system or a software that detects late payment in advance will also prepare the organization to make the proper means in order to settle their debts

  1. Detecting complaints in due time

Detecting complaints from suppliers and customers at the proper time will help in settling debts when due

  1. Minimizing and reducing the risk of bad debts

The final step is to aid in minimizing and reducing the occurrence of bad debts in the organization


Policy & Procedure in Place

  • Invoice Processing Procedure
  • Details of Invoice
  • Timing of reminders on phone
  • Timing of demand notice in writing
  • Content of Demand Notice
  • Employee roles in Debt Collection & Debt Recovery
  • Decision to use own staff or Outsiders



At Bulls Capital Limited we have served the following industries and sectors in providing commercial credit recovery services

  • Manufacturers
  • Service Providers
  • ICT
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government agencies
  • Health Care
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Professional & Technical Services
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
  • Market
  • Construction
  • Power
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Trade: Import & Exports
  • Commercial Enterprises



  1. Worldwide reach

We have an extended reach in Nigeria and beyond and we can offer our services to you from any location because our border knows no limit


  1. High success rate

At Bulls Capital, we have a high success rate when offering our services

  1. Our costs

At bulls capital limited, our services are cost effective and are affordable to our clients depending on their specifications

  1. Experience

Our team consists of Credit management practitioners, Lawyers, Chartered accountants and bankers, Recovery agents, Bad debts managers who have substantial years of experience in offering commercial credit recovery services.


At Bulls Capital limited, our commercial credit recovery services are tailored to your specification as our client. Paying your debts on time will aid you in reducing the interest charged on borrowings and it will also increase the trust with your suppliers. For more enquiries on commercial credit recovery services contact us on 08023200801

To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us or Call/Whatsapp 08023200801