22 Oct 2021

How to Start a Tiles and Brick Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Tiles and Brick Business in Nigeria



The tile industry is booming due to Nigeria’s economy being centered on the construction and building sector. It comprises the use of attractive Tiles and brick and brick and brick to decorate a house or building’s floors and even walls.

Besides the painting, Tiles and brick in a house immediately bring forth additional beauty. It’s a way of completing a lovely project on a home.

In Nigeria, the lot of households are built with Tiles and brick on the floor, and some are now using them throughout the house. It all relies on how you want for your building: ceramic, vinyl, or marble Tiles

Judging at the business, you might wonder how profitable it is. However, if you want to believe it, this industry is incredibly profitable because people never stop building houses, buildings, or workplaces, thus there is often a need to make your facility look beautiful.

So, why are you getting into this industry in the first place? Who will require your assistance? You may wonder who need your services or who will buy from you; the answer is that a millions of individuals will choose to buy from you, and all you have to do is get started.

  • Those that desire to construct their own home
  • A new facility is opening, as is a new business endeavor.
  • Any facility intended for business, as well as any structure in which people will be engaged in one or more businesses.
  • This entire population will require your assistance in completing their residences.

Though this business is quite a lucrative one. But it does not mean that you can just jump into it without making adequate plans and expect to be successful. The following are the steps to follow or take to enter into the business.



A business plan will serve as a road atlas for you, guiding you and letting you know if you’re on the right route, progressing, or if there’s opportunity for change, among other things. It should also include how you want to raise finances for your firm, as well as your future business prediction, as this will assist you in aligning yourself.

Business plan include the following point in creating a Tiles and brick business


The tile industrial sector is a subset of the clay brick and product manufacturing industry, and its main products include Tiles and brick, ceramic paving, pipes, and conduits. Please keep in mind that the industry does not include the manufacture of artificial stone such as cultured marble, Tiles and brick and brick and brick fashioned into stands, or other decorative items. The Clay Bricks and Tiles and Manufacturing industry is a lucrative one, and any individual investor is welcome to enter and start a firm there. You can opt to begin on a small scale or on a large size, catering a diverse clientele not only in the Nigeria market sector but also in other countries across the world.

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The business will need to provide brief information about the business and the people setting it up. you will need to provide the vision, mission and the strategy of the of the company as this helps your investors to see if there are plans for the future to become a leading brand in the world. The key roles to be filled will include Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Accountant, Salesman or attendant, and Marketing Agent, etc


  • The goal of the company is to become the most recognizable brand in Nigeria’s clay bricks and Tiles manufacturing sector.
  • The goal is to build a world-class tile manufacturing company whose goods will not only be sold in Nigeria but also exported to other nations across the world.
  • For building supply stores and construction giants, we want to be the first choice.


The entrepreneur’s goal is to create a tile manufacturing firm to establish a standard business that will export its products to other countries throughout the world. He/she must make sure that the necessary structures are in place to sustain the type of growth that is envisioned when the company’s structure.

Entrepreneurs most often hire people who are qualified, honest, customer-focused, and willing to work hard to help us establish a successful business that benefits all stakeholders.

In fact, all of their senior management workers will be eligible for profit-sharing arrangements, which will be based on their success over a ten-year period or longer.


Entrepreneurs should be well aware that there are other cement brick manufacturing companies around the Nigeria, including in the same place where they wish to locate their firm, which is why they need to follow the proper procedures for forming a company.

If they can conducting a proper SWOT analysis for their company, they will be able to position ourselves to maximize our strengths, take advantage of the opportunities that will be available to us, limit our risks, and be prepared to face our threats.

Strength: The quality of the various types of Tiles and brick that you create, the strength of your team, and the state-of-the-art tile manufacturing factory that you own are your fundamental strengths. You should have a team of highly skilled and experienced employees who can create sturdy and long-lasting Tiles and brick and brick and brick.

We are confident that we will draw a large number of customers from the moment our tile production firm opens for business.

Weakness: As a new tile manufacturing company with limited financial resources to compete with multi-million Naira companies in the Nigeria. This is a huge weakness that could work against us. Also, we may not have enough cash on hand to promote our tile manufacturing company as aggressively as we would like.

Opportunities: Brick and tile manufacturers make the majority of their revenue in the downstream residential construction sector. As a result, growing residential construction activity is likely to boost industrial product demand. Residential building activity is predicted to increase yearly, providing an opportunity for revenue development in the industry.

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You should understand what your prospective customers will be searching for when they visit our facility; you should be in a good position to seize the chances that will present themselves.

Threat: Housing statistics track the number of new, privately owned housing units built each year. Demand for Tiles and brick rises as more new homes are developed, which benefits the sector. In 2021, housing statistics are predicted to decline, due to increase in other building materials, posing a danger to the business.


Market Trends

If you are familiar with industry trends, you will agree that the Clay Bricks and Tiles manufacturing industry has profited from increased industrial production and construction activity during the last half-decade.

In the last 20 years, the clay brick and tile manufacturing scene has changed dramatically; it has evolved from a tiny business to a well-organized and far-reaching industry. This trend has benefited them in such a way that they can now safely sell their Tiles and brick both domestically and internationally.

Our Target Market

Your target market should be well defined, and have strategically positioned for your tile production company to serve construction-related businesses in Nigeria. You should have done your market research and feasibility studies, and have a good notion of what our target market is looking for.

  • To whom will your sell your goods?
  • Retailers and providers of construction materials
  • Firms engaged in construction
  • Remodeling businesses for homes
  • Companies that specialize on property development
  • Households


Sources of Revenue

Tiles and brick manufacturing is a company that manufactures and sells various types, sizes, and forms of Tiles and brick and brick and brick to customers in the United States and around the world. We’re in the Clay Bricks and Tiles Manufacturing sector to maximize profits, and we’ll do everything we can to meet our objectives.

Ceramic Tile manufacturing and distribution will be our primary source of revenue.

Send Proposal to construction companies and key stakeholders, introduce our cement bricks manufacturing company.

  • Ceramic Tile
  • Glass Tile
  • Marble Tile
  • Mosaic Tile
  • Granite Tile
  • Guarantee that we produce a variety of cement brick, pipe, and block sizes.
  • Use eye-catching hand bills to raise awareness and provide guidance to our factory.
  • Place our flexi banners and signage in key locations across Raleigh.
  • Create a loyalty program that allows us to reward our loyal clients.


It is important to register your business with the corporate undertakings commission in Nigeria which is Corporate Affair Commission (CAC). This is on account of it is in accordance with the laws of Nigeria. Failure to do so will attract some very stiff penalties from the authorities and in some cases, criminal charges. In order for you to be seen as running a legitimate business, it is important to register your business. This is because in Nigeria, various states have their laws and requirements for you to be permitted to do business in their state.

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In this business you will need some staff, both technically skilled and unskilled to help you to run your business adequately. At least you should employ a security guard, secretary / accounts officer and a workers that will working in the organization.


Nigerians are known to not take advertisement seriously, especially when it has to do with small businesses. But we have to come to the realization that if you do not create awareness, there is a likelihood that people would not know about it. There are a lot of people that would naturally be in need of whatever you are selling but when they have no idea you are selling, then your opening a business would most likely be an exercise in futility.  There is no use setting up a good business and not letting the world know about it.  The importance of advertisement to a business cannot be over emphasized. You can make use of flyers, posters, radio, television, social media etc, to create awareness about your business let them know what you are selling and the reason they should by from you. The importance of ad to a business can’t be underscored.


The amount of devoted consumers a company has, the capacity and competence of its staff, its investment plan, and its corporate structure all play a role in its future. If a business (company) lacks all of these characteristics, it won’t be long before it closes its doors.

Your main objectives is to create a company that can sustain on its own cash flow once it is up and operating, rather than relying on outside funding. The best strategies to earn acceptance and win clients is to create and sell durable bricks and tiles at a lower price.


Insurance is not compulsory to Nigeria and so, many Nigerians do not see the use, but you need to see the need to insure your business, mainly because you are an investor. Other business might take the risk of not insuring their business but you cannot afford to take that risk. Sometimes, things goes beyond our control. If moments like that arise, you would not run at a loss.


You should dependably be eager and prepared to look for more data or information about new patterns or ideas in the business. It is also important that you monitor the market trends so that you can prepare yourself for any eventuality.


If you’re seeking for a reliable business that will help you support yourself, earn money, assist you in your future retirement, or supplement your salary, I recommend going into the tile industry and following the steps as they will guide you.

Do not think it is a get-rich-quick plan; it is a business that takes time to grow but is solid and self-sufficient once it is established.



If you are interested in Starting a Tiles and Brick Business in Nigeria , you can reach us today so that we can work with you to breathe life into their business idea.

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